Blocking out the World Around You

As you and I live out our days trekking through life, there are many things that find a way to grab our attention and bring an overwhelming amount of stress into our lives. We start our day off doing our normal routines like getting ourselves ready, having our morning cup of Joe, maybe some breakfast, getting the kids ready for school and then off to work we go. Then at some point during the day as we’re rushing around getting things done we either intentionally or unintentionally read on social media, hear on the news, or in conversation about so many things such as: political issues, local and international conflicts on war and terrorism, economical crisis, the rise of drugs and violence in our country, immigration issues, etc., and if we are not careful these become added stresses in our lives.

Now we need to be aware that these issues do exist and trust me I don’t want to down play the issues that are affecting our country or the world, but you and I deal with our own issues in this life. I don’t want to sound selfish or unsympathetic, but we can’t fix everything that’s going on in the world. We have to deal with ourselves and our own issues and then give a hand to our neighbor when we can. We need to learn to block out some of the noise in this world that’s crying out and begging for our attention, because if we don’t we will again become overloaded with trying to carry our own burdens and the burdens of the world. That’s too much weight to carry and God does not expect that from us. To carry that weight will cause us to live completely stressed out, and we will ultimately become depressed and lose all joy of life. So, on this day be aware of the issues that are happening in this world, but surrender the world into the hands of God. Pray for what’s happening in our world, but you live your life the best you can one day at at time, and strive to make a difference where you are.


Keep Trekking…




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  1. Michelle says:

    Such beautiful and helpful posts and reminders. Thank you.

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