Goodbye To Self

Are you trekking through this life making a point to make a difference in someone else’s life? Do you take inventory of your own life and wonder how you can be a blessing to others? Does the thought of those who are less fortunate than yourself pain your heart? Is there a deep desire to want to help them in someway? It’s imperative to think on this and be honest with yourself.

Perhaps you don’t think about any of these questions often, and maybe you find yourself too busy taking care of your own life. You live in a nice home that’s in a nice neighborhood. You drive a nice car or cars. You have a nice family that eats well and wears nice clothes. You have a good life, but friend life is so much more than that. There is never a problem with that stuff that you have unless it’s robbing you to give to others.

Our life is not just about living it up for ourselves, but rather to also give to those who have less. When I say, “give” many would obviously assume that I’m talking about money, but I’m talking about giving your time, energy and resources to those in need. Let’s be honest and real with ourselves. Our time expectancy on this earth is not promised to us only God knows. We could be gone at any moment at any time. So, if you were to go today, how do you want to be remembered. Do you want to be remembered as the man or woman that obtained various degrees, obtained much wealth, and that had a lot of “stuff”? Or do you want to leave a legacy behind? A life that always gave and impacted lives around you?” You decided to give more time to your children. You made it a priority to help your neighbor, to help distribute clothing or food to those whose in need. You gave time to a stranger that just wanted to know that someone cared. Friend, today is a good day to consider what your priorities are. God bless you my friend.

Keep Trekking…

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  1. We are very self-centered. It’s a big part of our nature. Pride is probably one of the toughest sins to acknowledge and fight, and can only be overcome with help from the Holy Spirit. Great post. Keep it up!

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