Breaking this Cycle of Stress

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There is so much happening in our world, that the very stress of it all can literally impact our lives in a very negative way. Throughout the world and especially here in the United States, there has been a significant increase in violence, anger, hopelessness, and discouragement in the hearts of the people these days. Many people have become angered with those who just are not willing to change their attitudes, lifestyles or beliefs. Others are feeling the tension and stress of what’s been going on within the political establishment, our environment, Isis, and a whole variety of issues. The fact is, there is an overwhelming amount of stress that’s eating away at our society like a cancer and it needs to be addressed. We need to try to get a different perspective of what’s going on around us in order to move forward with our lives. If we don’t settle this, we as a people are going to self destruct and pass down the stress that we carry to our children and possibly to their children. It will inevitably be a constant cycle from one generation to the next. So, I’m going to talk about several issues that I believe create much unwanted stress in our lives as a society, as well as ongoing issues that I believe are affecting the church (followers of Jesus Christ), and give some solutions that will hopefully break the cycle of stress over your life.

So, first we have to learn that we don’t have the power to change anyone. Many including myself need to be constantly reminded of this. We have to remember, only God can change a persons heart. As much as you want that person to believe in what you believe in, behave a certain way, or possess a particular look or have the same skill sets as you have. The fact is, not everyone will be the person that you would like for them to be. This includes your spouse, your children, your friends, and your coworkers. We can’t go around thinking that everyone has to be an exact replication of ourselves. To move forward as a society and as the church, we need to understand that we have to drop our expectations of people, and learn to accept people for who they are. Although not everyone accepts Him, Christ accepted all of us and died for all of us. We are to love everyone regardless of who they are. We need to accept people and learn to forgive people who offend us. We can’t change people, but we do have the power through God to change ourselves and our attitudes.

Secondly, we have to understand that we don’t have the power to control the things that are happening in our country or around the world. Things such as: politics, social injustices, world hunger, homelessness, threats to our national security, perpetual violence, abortion, same sex marriage, etc. These issues have been ongoing and may continue to exist, but we don’t need to allow them to internally break us. Now don’t get me wrong, we can be proactive to such matters and voice our opinions, vote, and protest in a civil way, and volunteer our time for such causes, but we need to understand that God is in control of our country and the world. Many people carry all of the problems that’s going on in the world on themselves, and that’s too much weight for any person to carry. We have to give all of these issues to God and stop carrying it all. If we do as much as we can to impact our world and give the rest to God we will be less stressed and anxious as a people.

Thirdly, this is for the churches in the the United States and around the world. We as the church need to reconcile our issues and stop fighting over doctrinal issues that continue to separate and divide the church. The church as a whole, needs to come together and realize that we are not a social club, or a movement, but we have been purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ. Who are we to act like we know it all, or that one church has the full understanding of God? We should be ashamed. We are to be a light to the lost and not a distraction. When we as a church behave in such manner, the world gets lost in our deep interests in extravagant churches, deep theological teachings, and disputes of which church has exactly the correct interpretation of scripture. We need to remember, the church was created to bring hope to this world by telling them about our Savior Jesus Christ. We need to stop holding onto our religion and hold onto Jesus. The church needs to unify and reach out to this hurting world again with the love of Jesus.

In conclusion, we simply need to let the complexities of life go and live one day at a time. May we decide to finally settle out those constant worries that are happening all around us. Let’s  work on ourselves and try to be the best that we can be. Let’s be gracious to others and love them without expecting them to change who they are. We must allow God to do the changing and not us. As followers of Christ, we are called to love beyond the four walls of a building and reach our world. So, let’s change our society and learn to love again. Then maybe, just maybe our society will become a bit more peaceful. God bless you friend and remember-

Keep Trekking

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