Facing Life Changes

Our lives are but a vapor here on this earth. We are only here for a short time, so with the time that we’ve been given we need to live life to the fullest embracing everything that comes our way. We will go through a lot in this life, but the only thing that remains constant is change. Changes occur everywhere all the time. It happens in the physical, environmental, and spiritual realm.

If you look at human development the for example, we start off at the cellular level, then organ and skin development, our limbs forms and and then our soft cartilage changes and our bones start to ossify and we begin to grow. We enjoyed the womb and the provision of the food and safety of the water, but we can’t stay there. If we did we would never grow the way that we’re supposed to and experience life fully. Then we crawl and walk and soon we experience more changes within our body with the help of hormones.

Also, changes impact our environment, and throughout the year seasons change. This has to happen or nothing would grow. Likewise, we as humans go through various trials that test our human spirit. Changes happen in our family and our world around us that we very often have no control over and sometimes if we allow it, these various changes can stress us out and cause depression, isolation, spiritual defeat and sometimes suicide. But, we have to remember that these changes are here for a reason. Without the changes and trials that come our way we can’t grow.

We have to see what God is doing when we’re going through these trials. I know this because when I have faced certain trials that seemed to be too much and too heavy, I wanted to pack it up run without giving any thought about what God was doing in the midst of it all. But, we all have our own story and things can’t stay the same. Somehow, we need to understand this truth and engrave it deep into our spirit. We need to learn to embrace the changes and get a different perspective during these trials. These hardships and trials that you go through may be hard and difficult to face, but you don’t have to go through them alone. Jesus Christ will go through the trials with you if you place your trust in Him.

Furthermore, you and I need to understand that at the end of these trials you and I will be a better person if and only if we have the right perspective and make the decision to not quit. We have to believe this my friends and apply it to our lives. We need to be ready to go through these trials not with uncertainty and fear, but rather with assurance and faith that God is going to bring us through to the other side. So, take a deep breath and trust that God has a special plan for your life. He wants to transform you into His image and make you and I the people He wants us to be. May God bless you and always keep trekking…

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