Hello there! My name is Shawn, I’m a healthcare worker, a husband to my beautiful wife Silvia and father of three wonderful children Liliana, Nyla, and Isaac, as well as an owner of a crazy, but loving dog named Tobey, and this is my website. I currently live in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. I enjoy spending time with my family, deepening my walk with God, hiking, fishing, exercising, watching football, reading, traveling when I can, and making my life count by helping others.

This website was designed for the purpose of encouraging and inspiring others trekking through Life. In this journey of life there are many people who feel alone or just need to know that someone cares. Well, I care. I don’t hold a PhD., or claim to be an expert. I’m just simply someone who cares about and values the lives of others. The blogs that I post will come from what I’ve gone through personally or what I’ve learned from others along the way. Also, I’ll write and reflect on issues that I see affecting many people in our society. My hope is that this website will be a tool, an instrument to be used to encourage and rekindle someones spirit and to offer someone hope for another day….

~The Lyfetreker